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CUE Store is place to share Cue Visual Composer resources. It contains:

  • Graphic libraries - sets of pre-programmed and ready to use graphic objects. Graphic Library contains more collections stored in CVCG files. These files can be derectly inserted to CVC project resources. Basic Graphic Library is part of CVC installation, but here you can find newer version.
  • Device drivers for controlled devices. Every driver is stored in CVCD file and it can be inserted to CVC project resources. Choose if some driver can help you to control device in your project.
  • Applets - parts of program that perform specific task and run within the context of a larger program. Every applet is stored in CVCL file and it can be inserted to CVC project resources.
  • Widgets - small full functional applications that can be inserted into CVC project. Every widget is stored in ZIP file and typically it contains graphic collection, device driver and connection module. All parts can be inserted to CVC project.