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Product Overview
Reservation System touchONE
Complete Room Solution
Basic Control Solution
Wired Touch Panels
Wired Keypads
Mobile Solution
Lightweight Controllers
Graphic Player
Programming Tools
Technologies Integration
Supported Technologies

Complete Room Solution





Product code CS0609

  • Complete easy-to-use solution for room control & reservation
  • On-wall interactive reservation panel 10.1”
  • Small room controller with various control ports
  • One-time license for web control & reservation application
  • Web application activated by scanning a QR code
  • All handled from the comfort of own personal device
  • All control in user hands
  • Web application provides a customized user interface
  • Compatible with all mobile platforms

roomCUE-web Data Sheet

webCUE Data Sheet

touchONE-10-M Data Sheet

controlCUE-basic Data Sheet